What an extraordinary series of events. This year has been life-changing. After changing my career pathway late last year, I’m slowly (but surely) on my way to a BBA in accounting from The University of Cincinnati. My beautiful wife, Danielle, and I were wed on June 25, and are expecting our first child on May 7, 2012.

While each and every one of the above events are important, I feel most affected by the last. In 4 and a half short months, Danielle and I will be bringing another life into this world. That must be the most amazing feeling in the world.

I’ve felt him or her kick a lot over the last couple of days. I have a newfound respect for my wife; I’d go crazy if I had someone kicking me in the gut all day. I’m not sure that I’ll feel the full effect until I finally get to hold Carter or Chloe in my arms, but it feels more real with every passing day. I love that little baby with every fiber of my being, and I just can’t imagine that love growing any stronger.