What a wonderful holiday weekend. I spent yesterday visiting with Danielle’s grandmother and aunt, then had dinner at Mom & Dad’s. The lasagna was delicious. We exchanged gifts with them, and then headed home. Mom and Dad got me a garage door opener and we got stuff for Baby Low.

This morning Danielle and I woke early and went to church with Mom & Dad. Afterwards we went to her parents to exchange gifts with them and with Brendan & Lindsey. We got some nice little outfits for Baby, as well as some pretty cool stuff for Danielle and me. Brendan and I got a pass to go to Perfect North Slopes a couple times this winter!

We had a fantastic lunch, including a Boar’s Head ham. I enjoyed a couple delicious Breckenridge Christmas Ales as well. I love winter brew. I truly enjoyed spending this weekend with family and friends.

Christmas will be so different next year, but I absolutely cannot wait.