What a day. What a week, really. I hate making excuses for myself, but the holidays make me crazy. My temper gets shorter, my alcohol consumption gets larger, and my outlook on life is not so good in general. Customers are rude, family is demanding, and nobody is patient (including myself).

School starts back up next week, so not only will my work schedule be changing, but I’ll be busy every single day between now and March 17. Joy. I’m taking spring quarter off in order to spend some much needed quality time with my beautiful wife and our baby.

Danielle’s pregnancy is going quickly, in my opinion, but I’m sure she would beg to differ. I can’t wait for Baby to be here, despite the fact that I still have a million things to do between now and then.

I hope the rest of the pregnancy goes more smoothly. I want Danielle to be more comfortable and to sleep better. She deserves it. I love her and the baby more than anyone could possibly understand. I love being a family.