Today Danielle and I began our search for the perfect church in which to raise our baby. We went to a church on Millville Ave. called Faith Church. Since we were looking for a more family-focused, and more old-fashioned church like the ones we grew up in, we decided to start here. At first I wasn’t convinced; the congregation seemed old, and there didn’t seem to be too much life. The first hymn was the drone of off-pitch voices trying to string together the words of “When We All Get to Heaven.”

Things livened up when “Pastor Al,” as everyone likes to call him, invited the children to come forward for children’s church. All of the little kids came running to the altar! There were far more of them than I thought. Despite the mostly older population, there were many kind faces and around 20 young children. This was seeming more and more like a place I could raise my family.

I can’t wait to go again next week and see what this really nice church holds in store for us. I’m optimistic.


-Nice people
-Lots of children
-The “secret songs”
-Good pastor
-Bible-centered sermons
-Sunday school before church
-Good sermon length
-Good start time


-Not many people our age
-Using “debts” rather than “trespasses”
-A bit of a drive